Brown and Pastel Dots Squeaky Boots

UNIQUE. Many people have never heard of squeaky shoes, however, the first impression is always unforgettable.
FUN. Parents and toddlers love to laugh at their feet making squeaky sounds.
FUNCTIONAL.. The squeaking of the shoes encourages new walkers. The placement of the squeaker encourages the child to walk properly from heel to toe. The unique squeak will allow you to keep better track of your child in a public place if your child should wander.
STYLISH. These squeaky shoes are not only cute, but they are all very comfortable.
SMART. These squeaky shoes can be easily silenced. Just remove the little squeaker and replace it after quiet time.

These shoes are size 7 (6 1/4" long)
Retails at$27

Donated by Connie Johnson
Starting bid $20

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  1. I will start the bidding at $25!


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