Now What?

Many thanks for your participation on behalf of Toby and the entire Shaw FAMILY!

Who WON what?

Fleur de lis Bling Tee - 

Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara - $15

Mary Kay Blemish Control Toner - $5 -

Mary Kay Simply Cotton Sugar Scrub - $15

Set of 3 Specialty Hair Ties - $5

got love? Tote $13

Wild Olive Gift Cert #1 - $25

Wild Olive Gift Cert #2 - $27

Bundle of Bows #1 - $7 -

Bundle of Bows #2 -

Bundle of Bows #3 -

Bundle of Bows #4 - $7

Vintage Couture Gift Cert - $25.

Vintage Couture Dress -  $30

Thirty-One Organizing Shoulder Bag - $50

Thirty-One City Weekender Bag - $60

Collectible Texaco Truck - $12

Heather Hansen Faith Bubble Necklace - $20

Metal Africa Wall Art #1 - $30 Tracye tlgoad @ 

Metal Africa Art #1 - $12 - 

Metal Africa Wall Art #2 - $30 Tracye tlgoad AT Comcast DOT net 

Metal Africa Art #2 - $15 

Collectible Reel Rides Top Gun Speedster - $10

Babycakes Trio - $30 for Seriously Brook (FB)

Hand Stamped Copper Cuff - $44

Life is Tough plaque

Mary Kay Microdermabrasion Kit - $28

Black Sparkly Squeaky Shoes - $30 

Brown with Pastel Dots Squeaky Boots - $25

Silver Sparkly Squeaky Shoes - 

Dark Pink & White Dots Squeaky Shoes - $20

Soapstone Faith Chop - $25 - 

Zebra Squeaky Shoes - $25

Dalmatian Squeaky Shoes - $20

Black Patent Leather Squeaky Boots - $20

Kids Toby Tee - $15 Serving The King

Ladies Black Fitted Toby Tee - $25

Unisex Toby Tee - $30

Ladies Pink Fitted Toby Tee - $45

LOVE. Infant Shirt - $10

Minky Dot and Flannel Blanket - $12

Dentit Leather Wrap Bracelet - $25 Melissa (author of One Blessed Little Nest)

Cross Hat - $18.

Hand Beaded Ugandan Necklace w/Pendant - $20

Poetic Posies Custom Family Tree Necklace - $50

Glory Haus Adoption Canvas - $55

Lil LOVE Dish #1 - $15

April Wade Scarf of Winner's Choice #1 - $30

Winner's Choice Echoes of Mercy Print #1 -  $6 Charmon Allen

Hand Stamped Mother's Necklace -  $55 Nate Johnson

That's Not My Dragon - $7 Sarah

Then Sings My Soul Print - $20

Five Little Cranes Glitzy Necklace - $18 - Aimee Fritz

Winner's Choice Echoes of Mercy Print #1 - $10 Sarah

Set of 6 Elastic Hair Ties - $10

Poetic Posies Custom Disc Necklace - $35

Lil LOVE Dish #2 - $15

April Wade Scarf of Winner's Choice #2 - $25 Melissa (author of One Blessed Little Nest)

iTunes Gift Card - $9 

147 Million T-Shirt - 10 

Ezra Necklace - $20

We thank you all for bidding! Each donation is a huge step closer to the Shaws bringing Toby home! You might never know the difference that your bid and your dollars made in his little life!

Adoption is redemption and redemption is costly.

I'd like to ask each of you that did not win an item, to consider donating the amount that you had bid. At one point you were willing to give that amount to help the Shaws reach Toby. I know when you bid it was in expectation of getting the item in return for the donation, but perhaps you're able to donate without the item in return? Everyone cannot win an item, but everyone can be a winner in helping bring Toby HOME.

To PAY YOUR WINNING BID or TO DONATE YOUR NON-WINNING BID please click the DONATE button below. If you won more than one item you may make a single donation for your total amount. AFTER paying your winning bid, FORWARD your PayPal confirmation email to so that I can let the generous donors of the items know to send out your items!

And last, but certainly not least, this auction would not have been possible without our generous donors!
Each item in this auction was donated because of someone's love for the Shaws!
Please visit the businesses of our generous donors!

Thank You All!

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