Talkin' Sex

Homework pages spread out across the table. 
Baby crawling and squealing. 
Big brother watching a survival show. 
Little brother putting away his clean clothes. 
Big sister in her room. 
Momma finishing up supper prep. 

"Hey Mom, is sex a bad word?"

The question flies in from the direction of the homework. 

"No Lev, sex isn't a bad word. God made sex."

He beams and says, "I knew it! I knew sex wasn't bad!"

"Sometimes when people say 'sex' they are asking if you are a boy or a girl." 

{He's already nodding his head and gathering papers}

"Sometimes it's..." 

{insert 1/2 second pause}

"A verb," finishes Alex from the living room. 

"Yes, an action," I confirm. Then I ask him why. 

He grabs a crossword puzzle and proudly points out the s e x he has circled. Says some kids said not to circle it because it was a bad word. 

His was circled in proud orange marker from his time at school. 

"I knew it wasn't bad," he says again. 

He finishes his first grade routine of putting his papers back in the folder, then folder in backpack. 

Big brother goes on watching survival program. 

Little sister keeps cooing and crawling. 

Little brother is still in his room delaying his chore. 

Big sister hasn't emerged. 

Momma is finished prepping supper and finds her heart filled with joy and an ache of sadness. 

Joyful that he knows that sex isn't bad, because aren't we doing our children a disservice by tainting this God created act of love? Aching that this thing of love has become a taboo subject in so many ways. 

Y'all, the 5-6-7 year old does not want a diagram of what fits where or a science lesson on sperm and eggs. 

Let's turn society on it's head and just be open and honest with our children about all the things of God. Let's take the arrows of misinformation, lies, deceit, and mistrust out of Satan's grasp. Let's take back the role of knowledge instead of leaving it to their misinformed teenage friends a few years down the road. Let's become the go to source of info on sex for our children. 

We certainly don't have all this parenting stuff perfected in our home, but this open dialogue on sex is one thing we have intentionally kept flowing from the time our oldest was a wee girl. At the probing of a very good book called 5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter (by Vicki Courtney) the conversation became part of our lives long ago. 

Come on parents. Come on church. Let's quit letting sex-Ed be dispensed from tv commercials, shows, movies and the world at large. Let's equip our kids with truth. If we don't do it, no one else will either. 

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